New updates and features in the new version 2.0

The latest updates on Sellfer are live. In version 2.0 you’ll find new features that will help you customize your shop easier, a new feature that will help you attract more customers, and more. Here’s what’s new.


With the new release, three new modules are coming live. Those are the Product module, Video module, and Embed module. The new modules can give shop owners more flexibility to create a jaw-dropping home page.

The product module can be used to focus your customers’ attention on one specific product in the homepage. It has its own options which are not related to those you’ve set up for all other products. For example, you can choose to hide the brand logo or product description only for this product, and at the same time for all other products in your shop, those will be visible. We also added a video module for the homepage so you can easily add a video from YouTube or Vimeo.

Embed module can be used to present a different kind of content to your customers. You can now share everything with embed code.

Header module 

We wanted to give our customers even more options to make their webshops unique in every aspect, so we’ve added the Header module. With the help of it, you can choose between different variants of your header according to your vision. You can add a phone number and an address of your physical store. 

Another new feature is the announcement bar on the top of the website. You can attract the attention of your customers with a sale or a free shipping announcement. As with everything else in our platform all those options can be enabled and disabled according to your needs. The Header section is the place from where you can now edit your menu navigation.

Gift cards

Gift cards are one of the new features that will help you boost your sales. Gift cards are a special type of product. Creating a gift card is similar to creating a product and you can customize their name, image, price, expiration period, and more. Once bought they can be used as payments for future orders in your store. Check our support and read more about creating and using gift cards.


Last but not least part of the new updates is Sellfer’s affiliate program. Become our partner and earn a favorable commission by creating websites on our platform. The more income the websites you create through our affiliate program generate the bigger the commission you get. Contact us for more information and become our partner today.