Sellfer version 1.0.1 is live

New updates have arrived both for the shop owners and their customers. Here’s what’s new.

E-conomic App Integration

From today all our customers can use the E-conomic app completely for free. E-conomic is an accounting program that combines all the bookkeeping needs of your company in one place. Now all our customers can take advantage of the integration by linking their economic account to their shop. The one-step activation process is like a child’s play and after that, you are ready to sell. When the app is active all the invoices that you create in your shop admin will be visible to manage in your E-conomic account.

Upgraded Facebook Catalog Manager

Our Shop Owners can sell their products through Facebook, as well. With the last update it’s even easier and faster to create your first catalog or why not a couple of catalogs and use them on different occasions as season sales for example. From your shop admin, you can create files containing different products in it and upload it to the Catalog manager. All products’ images, variants, and discounts if the products have any will be uploaded to Facebook. This way you can start selling through Facebook without effort.

See All My Data

As Sellfer is GDPR compliant, so are its shops. With the last update, we added extra functionality for users to download their data from the shops without contacting the support. Now when the customers are in their profile they can request to export their data that’s available in the shop. This way they’ll receive a mail that will give them a link to download the information, this includes invoices, user addresses, orders. Guests of the shop can request to download their information too but as they don’t have an account they can do this through the Privacy policy of the shop.