What’s new in Sellfer version 1.0.4

Latest updates give your shop a cleaner and fresher look and also a boost in search engine rankings. Here’s what’s new.

Notification Feature

With the new update shop owners will be able to choose what notifications to receive. From shop admin, they can activate/deactivate notifications for new orders, new returns to the shop, notifications about importing products, and news about the shop. All notifications will be shown at the header of the shop admin. Each notification can be clicked through to read an associated link. Notifications for new orders and returns will notify the owner respectively for newly made orders and returns. Notifications for importing products will be sent when the importing process has been completed. Last but not least news notifications will be sent from Sellfer to you – shop owners. They will notify you of new updates and what’s coming soon.

Image Alt text and title

When you start a business the last thing you think of is your ranking in image search engines. It’s quite underrated and that’s the first mistake of young entrepreneurs. Adding alt attributes to your images can give you a good ranking in the image search result. And a good ranking in Google image search can drive a significant amount of traffic to your webshop. With the latest updates, we’ve added the option to edit the image alt text and title of your products, brands, and blog posts. Check it out and improve your shop’s ranking in search engine results.

SEO Tool

Getting more traffic to your shop and higher ranking in search results is like the holy grail for every shop owner. Knowing it’s not an easy job to check almost every part of your shop for missed meta title or description we’ve created an SEO tool to help you with it. How does it work? The SEO tool scans every part of your shop that can contain meta title and meta description. Then gives you back the results with a missing one. If you have a meta title or description with a shorter or longer length than the recommended one by google you’ll see it in the scan results too. The tool also scans your images for missing alt text and title.

Changes on the Product page

We keep making changes to the vision of the products page. After live editing modules and navigation, we decided to try real-time edit for the product page too. With the new version of Sellfer, you’ll be able to make some changes directly on the product’s page and see the changes in real-time. From the sidebar, you’ll be able to enable or disable social sharing buttons, dimensions of the products, or their SKU/EAN number. There is also a selector that gives you the option to choose whether to show the brand of the product and how to show it – either with an image or just as text. From here you can also change how to show variants of the product and give your shop even a cleaner vision.