New Integration with BigBuy

From today Sellfer’s customers can start their own business and sell products with just a few clicks thanks to the BigBuy app. BigBuy is a B2B wholesale platform specializing in the supply of a multitude of products to customers that sell on the online channel throughout Europe. They specialize in Dropshipping and in the wholesale of large quantities. Shop owners can find it in the Apps menu of their Shop Admin.


Through the app, you will be able to take advantage of a wide range of leading brands and numerous categories at very competitive prices that BigBuy offers to its customers. Once you have registered at and activated the Ecommerce package you can start importing products to your shop. You decide what margin to add to the products whether to use recommended prices of the platform or to add your own. The best part of the integration is that you can import products without worrying about the calculation from currency to currency since BigBuy operates in euro. All calculations are performed automatically by our platform. Another plus of the integration is that you can manage all your products and orders directly through your shop admin. No need to jump from page to page to search for the correct order so you can complete it and send it to the customer. The whole process is automated so that you can grow your business with ease without unnecessary worries. 


If you think that Dropshipping is for you don’t hesitate and activate your BigBuy app. Visit our support center for more information about other useful integrations. 


What’s new in Sellfer version 1.0.2

The latest updates on Sellfer are live. In version 1.0.2 you’ll find new features that will help you customize your online store and will ease the clients’ access to it. Let’s see what’s new.

Login with Google Account

With the latest update you, as a shop owner will be able to add not only login with Facebook to your shop but with Google too. In a few steps, you can activate the app and let your customers use their google accounts to login to the shop. The activation of the app is easy and simple but if you have any problems you can use our Help Center.

MailChimp integration

With the new version of Sellfer all our users can link their Mailchimp accounts with their shops. The integration is simple and with just two steps you can activate the app. When the app is enabled every customer that subscribes for the newsletter of the shop will be added to the list (audience) that you selected from the app in your shop admin. 

Design changes

Small design changes are coming with the new version, too. For instance, the search bar has been updated to a more compact version so as not to intrude on users. It now only shows after the clients have clicked on the search icon. The more elegant design of the modules is also part of the new release.


Sellfer version 1.0.1 is live

New updates have arrived both for the shop owners and their customers. Here’s what’s new.

E-conomic App Integration

From today all our customers can use the E-conomic app completely for free. E-conomic is an accounting program that combines all the bookkeeping needs of your company in one place. Now all our customers can take advantage of the integration by linking their economic account to their shop. The one-step activation process is like a child’s play and after that, you are ready to sell. When the app is active all the invoices that you create in your shop admin will be visible to manage in your E-conomic account.

Upgraded Facebook Catalog Manager

Our Shop Owners can sell their products through Facebook, as well. With the last update it’s even easier and faster to create your first catalog or why not a couple of catalogs and use them on different occasions as season sales for example. From your shop admin, you can create files containing different products in it and upload it to the Catalog manager. All products’ images, variants, and discounts if the products have any will be uploaded to Facebook. This way you can start selling through Facebook without effort.

See All My Data

As Sellfer is GDPR compliant, so are its shops. With the last update, we added extra functionality for users to download their data from the shops without contacting the support. Now when the customers are in their profile they can request to export their data that’s available in the shop. This way they’ll receive a mail that will give them a link to download the information, this includes invoices, user addresses, orders. Guests of the shop can request to download their information too but as they don’t have an account they can do this through the Privacy policy of the shop.


Cookie policy feature updated

Meet our new, GDPR compliant cookie policy. Due to The EU law on personal data, the General Data Protection Regulation, website/shop visitors have the right to receive specific, up-to-date information on what data is registered about them, for what purpose, and where it is sent. This affects cookie policy, too. Since 25 May 2018, websites cannot force their visitors to accept all cookies that are active on the websites. Now users have the right to know what user data cookies track, for what purpose, and even have the right to decline them all. Strictly following the regulation we from Sellfer updated our shops’ cookie policy.


We’ve gathered the cookies into four groups – Necessary, Functional, Analytics, and Marketing. Users can read more for each group and what data they track before deciding which cookie to accept. It’s important to know that the group with Necessary cookies is always active and those cookies cannot be switched off. These cookies are essential for the website to function. Users may disable them by changing their browser settings, but this may affect how the website functions. All of the other three groups can be declined if that’s what the user wants. Once accepted the cookies will be stored on the user’s device for 60 days if they don’t delete them manually.

Shop owners have app interface in their admins that allows them to edit the text in the consent box if they want to, of course. Following the regulation rules, we’ve added an option for easy access to the cookies if users subsequently changed their status regarding the cookies. Once accepted or declined, users’ consent can be changed anytime following the link in the footer of the shop, for instance.


Front-end live editing is already here!

Hey Sellfers! Did you hear the news? Customizing webshops on now became even easier. From today you can edit the whole design of your webshop not from the admin but directly from your front-end. You’ll quickly learn that live editing of the design is much easier and useful.

What is new:

  • Add new modules directly on the shop’s homepage

  • Added function to enable/disable every module and make it visible when it’s ready to be published online

  • Customize the color palette of the shop with your favorite colors

  • Chose from the most popular fonts for websites

  • Customize icons across the shop by your vision

What are the benefits:

  • see how changes look on the webshop while making them

  • navigate through different pages to see how colors and fonts combine

  • see no difference between what’s in editing mode and what’s live on your webshop

Don’t waste time go and try it right now!


Is your online store ready for Black Friday?

In this article, we’ve gathered some tips that you may find useful and will help you prepare your store for Black Friday.

Over the last few years, it’s been found that in the top 20 of the searched keywords is the phrase “Black Friday”. The first thing you need to do in order to create a successful Black Friday campaign is to create a landing page. Landing pages are things that help retailers attract more customers and get buried in sales.

Research shows that customers are making preliminary research into the bargain purchases that will be available during the Black Friday and right on the day they already know exactly what they’ll buy.

As we said earlier we are going to give you some tips from the kitchen about what to include in your landing page:

  • Start date of the sales
  • Countdown timer
  • Newsletter email invitation
  • Methods of delivery
  • Return policy

If your landing page is not still “live”, you need to add it in the XML map of your site, so Google can find and index it and therefore start showing in search results.

Prepare your landing page

Your landing page is the center where customers can see all your offers. It must be clear for the customer where he needs to go to buy desired products, so this must be placed on the landing page, too.

Prepare your website

1.Page speed

Optimizing page loading time is now more important than ever. Thousands of users will visit your site for a day, which is great, but will it be able to cope with the sudden influx of such amount of traffic? Loading speed is now essential; visitors do not just want to make a lucrative purchase, but they expect the merchant to provide them with a good experience, which means they do not want to wait for the site to load.

2. Responsive design for mobile devices

In 2015, 60% of black Friday traffic came from mobile devices, and this trend is expected to continue growing in the next years. Due to the nature of the sale, visitors need to act quickly, so your site should work seamlessly. Make sure the site looks good and it’s easy to work with it on a mobile device.

3. Simpler the better

Now is the time to reach those customers who are looking to buy special gifts for Christmas for example. So let your message be clear. Use keywords that show exactly what you are offering.

Black Friday sale: 60% off all winter products
Black Friday sale: 30% off your entire order
Black Friday sale: Shop now, buy 3 pay 2
Take a discount now
Find the perfect holiday gifts now! Limited quantity

4. No obligatory registration

As we said before one-page checkout is the best thing you can do to make your customers satisfied. But in this particular situation, you may want to reconsider even this. The process of registration is clearly unnecessary on this day because customers need to make their orders fast before products are over.

5. Create interactive graphics

Create images that are highlighted, so customers are able to see your exclusive offers easily. You don’t even need a designer for this. You can create cool images that catch the eye with different tools, like Canva, which gives you the chance to create special templates.

6. Advertise

Share your landing page on all your social media accounts. Spread the word about Black Friday offers you’re planning to make. Be sure that you described promotions and discounts customers’ are going to get. But don’t tell everything. Tease them to visit your site to see all promotions.

7. Don’t forget pages “404 Page Not Found” and “No results found”

Customer searches could be negative as a result of several reasons – from misspelling to different regional names of a single product. Don’t lose customers with the “Error page”. Optimize these pages by offering other products or showing the best results of the searched one.


How to create amazing website with free images and videos?

Hi Sellfers! So you’ve created your store and now what? You’ve probably heard that half the impression of an online store is made from the photos. Therefore, you need breathtaking photos but on the other hand, you don’t want to exceed your budget. Most people would bet on pictures from the internet. Well, if that’s your case you need to read this article right away.

So let’s see what are dos and don’ts when using images from the internet

Dos :

  • It is good to use images from specialized sites. They offer a full variety of photos, graphics, videos and etc. which you can use for different kinds of apps.
  • You better use images that show the essence of your business. Make sure that pictures and videos contribute to the creation of the site’s individuality and not just to be there because it looks better.
  • Anyone who understands a bit of design will tell you that it’s preferred to have photos with the correct size, resolution, and orientation. Also, always choose photos with high quality.
  • You need to be careful with what license the image is and how it can be used.

Don’ts :

  • We don’t recommend you to download pictures directly from Google. First, they may not be appropriate for your site at all, such as quality, size, and so on. And secondly, they may have copyrights. You must be aware that using unauthorized images can cause serious consequences.
  • Do not choose too common photos. Still, you want to make your site noticeable and unique.
  • Don’t try to fit an image where it doesn’t belong. For example, a portrait-oriented picture in a landscape-oriented location or vice versa.
  • Last but not least, don’t forget to rename images. This way Google will understand what’s in the picture.

After reading this, you must be a little worried. Don’t be. Sellfer to the rescue. We’ve gathered some pretty interesting and useful sites from where you can download free pictures and videos and forget all your cares.


Other excellent resources for free videos are:


Now you are ready to create an amazing online store, without declaring bankruptcy.


Ways to boost your holidays sales

It’s proved that people spent more money during holidays, no matter Valentine’s day, Christmas or Mother’s day. Usually days before holidays people start thinking about what presents to buy for their friends, family, and colleagues. More and more people are looking for presents online among thousands of online shops. Research shows that online shopping has drastically increased over the last years. Considering this, if you are an online shop owner and want to benefit from holiday shopping, you’ll want to read the next few lines.


Have you heard about upselling?

This is a technique whose purpose is to make customers spend more money on an upgraded version of the purchased products. You can also offer your customers free delivery or discount which they will be able to use if order products for a minimum amount. The essence of upselling is to motivate the buyer to spend more money than originally planned.


No obligatory registration

We do not recommend you make registration obligatory for the holidays. Don’t forget that regular customer is the one who needs your products. On the contrary, holidays’ customers buy presents for their families, not something for their needs, so the possibility to return to your shop is small. So you better make the checkout maximum short during holidays. As a matter of fact, it’s better if your store has one-page checkout the whole time, but this is a topic for another article.


Add countdown timer

Research shows that people spend more money when they are limited in time for buying something. You can add a timer that countdowns days to Christmas, for example. Or to countdown the time left for the discount. The idea is to find what is important for the customers and to offer limited time to buy it.


Form discounts in attractive for customers way

If the actual cash discount is not so noticeable, advertise it as a percentage: “30% Discount” instead of “Save $30”.


Real-time support

If your online store doesn’t have an online consultant you may want to think about that. When customers order products for presents, lots of them will want to be consulted.


Follow these simple rules and you’ll see how your sales will increase significantly.

Guides Tips

How to stand out with a great and recognizable logo

Have an idea for a startup – checked

Find a platform on which to build your online store – checked

Start designing your store – checked

Insert the logo of your company … loading


Pretty much this is the sequence of actions when you start a business. The logo is a very important part of your brand. This is the thing that will distinguish you from other sellers. And if your logo is great it will become the part that will stay in customers’ minds and with what they’ll connect your brand.


So after you created your Sellfer online store, it is time to think about your logo. In the next few lines, we will tell you what are the essentials of one great and recognizable logo.


First things first, the logo must be simple. What we mean is that it’s not recommended to use complex illustrations and images which are not recognizable at first sight. Also, if your logo is a mix of image and text, it is better if the accent is on the text, not the image. A good example of a simple logo is that of Apple.


The next important thing is the font. It must be easy to read as in a small or big format. A great example of such a logo is Nike.


If your logo is colorful, you have to limit the number of used colors. More of the successful logos in the world contain no more than 3 colors. Just think about the logo of CocaCola. And since we are talking about colors, it is good to think whether your logo is as effective in black and white as in color. After all, there might be a moment when you’ll have to print your logo in black and white.


Another good strategy when creating a logo is to think about how it will look and sound after 10 and why not 20 years. After all, Nike was founded in 1964 and today its logo is one of the most recognizable in the world.


After you know the essential steps in creating logo it’s time to start. We know that not all of you are designers and others don’t have enough money to pay to someone else to create them a logo. Not to mention that the process of explaining to someone your idea for the logo, so they can create it for you, sometimes can be really long and frustrating.


That’s why we decide to give you some good examples of websites where you can create your own logo for free, by yourself., and are websites where all you need to do is write your name, describe shortly in what industry you’re operating and voila! After a couple of clicks, you have created your logo.


It’s that simple. And how we said earlier – simpler, the better.


Sellfer and GDPR compliance

General Data Protection Regulation took effect on May 25th, 2018. The regulation impacts how companies all over the world collect and handle their customers’ personal information and more specifically the data of European customers. All companies no matter big or small are bound to grant their users access to their personal data. By accessing their information customers can edit it or completely delete it, as well as withdraw their consent from certain terms and conditions that they’ve agreed earlier by using the service. The regulation includes every form of personal information of the customers: photos, publications in social media, IP addresses, bank details, and ID numbers, such as the National insurance number.


As a user of, you don’t need to worry about that. Sellfer is GDPR compliant, meaning that at any time you can access your personal data, edit it, or request its complete deletion from our servers. Read our Privacy policy and Terms and conditions to be informed about rights you have under the GDPR and more about how we process your personal information.


GDPR and our customers’ online shops
Since our goal is to ease our clients we’ve created for you privacy policy generator which you can use in your online shops. Neither we nor you as a shop owner can afford to neglect the regulation especially when there are fines for non-compliance. Having this in mind, we have created Privacy policy and Terms and conditions templates to ensure that your online store also complies with the regulation. We highly recommend you to read and adjust them specifically for your online store.


What to say, we like both ourselves and our clients to follow the rules and keep up with new trends.