Is your online store ready for Black Friday?

In this article we’ve gathered some tips that you may find useful and will help you prepare your store for Black Friday. 

Over the last few years, it’s been found that in the top 20 of the searched keywords is the phrase “Black Friday”. First thing you need to do in order to create a successful Black Friday campaign, is to create a landing page. Landing pages are the things that helps retailers attract more customers and get buried in sales.

Research shows that customers are making preliminary research into the bargain purchases that will be available during the Black Friday and right on the day they already know exactly what they’ll buy.

As we said earlier we are going to give you some tips from the kitchen about what to include in your landing page: 

  • Start date of the sales
  • Countdown timer
  • Newsletter email invitation
  • Methods of delivery 
  • Return policy 

If your landing page is not still “live”, you need to add it in the XML map of your site, so Google can find and Index it and therefore start showing in search results. 

Prepare your landing page

Your landing page is the center where customers can see all your offers. It must be clear for the customer where he needs to go to buy desired products, so this must be placed in the landing page, too.

Prepare your website

1.Page speed 

Optimizing page loading time is now more important than ever. Thousands of users will visit your site for a day, which is great, but will it be able to cope with the sudden influx of such amount of traffic? Loading speed is now essential; visitors do not just want to make a lucrative purchase, but they expect the merchant to provide them with a good experience, which means they do not want to wait for the site to load.

2. Responsive design for mobile devices 

In 2015, 60% of black Friday traffic came from mobile devices, and this trend is expected to continue growing in the next years. Due to the nature of the sale, visitors need to act quickly, so your site should work seamlessly. Make sure the site looks good and it’s easy to work with it on a mobile device.

3. Simpler the better

Now is the time to reach those customers who are looking to buy special gifts for Christmas for example. So let your message be clear. Use keywords that show exactly what you are offering. 

  • Black Friday sale: 60% off all winter products 
  • Black Friday sale: 30% off your entire order 
  • Black Friday sale: Shop now, buy 3 pay 2
  • Take discount now
  • Find the perfect holiday gifts now! Limited quantity 

4. No obligatory registration 

As we said before one page checkout is best thing you can do to make your customers satisfied. But in this particular situation you may want to reconsider even this. The process of registration is clearly unnecessary on this day because customers need to make their orders fast before products are over.

5. Create interactive graphics 

Create images that are highlighted, so customers be able to see your exclusive offers easily. You don’t even need a designer for this. You can create cool images that catch the eye with different tools, like Canva, which gives you the chance to create special templates. 

6. Advertise

Share your landing page on all your social media accounts. Spread the word about Black Friday offers you’re planning to make. Be sure that you described promotions and and discounts customers’ are going to get. But don’t tell everything. Tease them to visit your site to see all promotions. 

7. Don’t forget pages “404 Page Not Found” and “No results found”

Search of customers could be negative in result of several reasons - from misspelling to different regional names of a single product. Don’t lose customers with the “Error page”. Optimize these pages by offering other products or showing best results of the search one.