Ways to boost your holidays sales

It’s proved that people spent more money during holidays, no matter Valentine’s day, Christmas or Mother’s day. Usually days before holidays people start thinking what presents to buy for their friends, family and colleagues. More and more people are looking for presents online among thousands of online shops. Research shows that online shopping has drastically increased through the last years. Considering this, if you are online shop owner and want to benefit from holiday shopping, you’ll want to read next few lines. 

Have you heard for upselling? 

This is technique which purpose is to make customers spend more money for upgraded version of purchased product. You can also offer to your customers free delivery or discount which they will be able to use if order products for minimum amount. The essence of upselling is to motivate the buyer to spend more money than originally planned.

No obligatory registration 

We do not recommend you to make registration obligatory for the holidays. Don’t forget that regular customer is the one who needs your products. On the contrary, holidays’ customers buy presents for their families, not something for their needs, so the possibility to return to your shop is small. So you better make the checkout maximum short during holidays. As a matter of fact it’s better if your store has one page checkout the whole time, but this is topic for another article. 

Add countdown timer

Research shows that people spend more money when they are limited in time for buying something. You can add timer that countdowns days to Christmas, for example. Or to countdown the time left for the discount. The idea is to find what is important for the customers and to offer limited time to buy it.

Form discounts in attractive for customers way

If the actual cash discount is not so noticeable, advertise it as a percentage: "30% Discount" instead of "Save $30". 

Real time support

If your online store doesn’t have online consultant you may want to think about that. When customers order products for presents, lots of them will want to be consulted.

Follow these simple rules and you’ll see how your sales will increase significantly.